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The BG Group Chief Executive Award

The picture was taken at The BG Group Chief Executive Innovation awards which were held at Hampton Court Palace last November. The cross-industry team were presented with a Highly Commended award by Frank Chapman, Chief Executive of BG Group which is a partner in the Buzzard field. Frank described the study as “truly innovative”. The study was commissioned by Nexen Petroleum and completed by Petrophase who studied the lateral compositional gradients on the Buzzard field.  After refining and aligning sample handling and measurement techniques across different laboratories the data were carefully analysed by Petrophase who discovered a novel mechanism controlling the lateral compositions across the reservoir. Understanding this distribution was key to predicting concentrations away from the wells which was essential in planning the field development.

The team members (L to R) are

Mike Fawcett (Technical Director, Petrophase Ltd)
Paul Beilby (Reservoir Engineer, Buzzard Development Project, Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd)
Nicole Wolyniec (ADS, now BG sponsored student at Heriot-Watt)
Frank Chapman (Chief Exec, BG Group)
Alex Assaf (Consultant Reservoir Engineer, BG Group)
Andrew Laughton (Thermophysical Properties Consultant, Advantica)
Brian Moffatt (Managing Director, Petrophase Ltd)