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Equations of state(EOS) are the main analytical tool for modelling the bulk properties and phase behaviour of fluids. Petrophase has helped develop the EOS spreadsheet system Oilvle with Advantica. OilVLe has a unique range and flexibility for Petroleum fluid calculations combined with a wide choice of EOS models and component data sets. Petrophase has used to model successfully:

  • Complex Phase Behaviour of Condensates and Volatile Oils
  • High accuracy reservoir density predictions
  • Polar molecule partitioning such as CO2, H2S and Mercaptans
  • HPHT fluids
  • Gravitational equilibrium calculations
  • Joule-Thompson expansion and orifice plate calculations
  • Modelling standard PVT experiments (CCE, DL, CVD)
  • Surface processing

The spreadsheet nature of the application gives great flexibility for reservoir to surface calculations and for modelling production trains. The application has been developed over many years and includes all commonly used units systems including those used to express gas quality.

Case studies